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You can have as many contacts as you want. You only pay for the messages you send to them.

Build your own plan using only the features you need.

Intuitive and easy to learn platform (under 5 hours).

Devoted, friendly and personalized support provided to any type of users regardless of their subscription.


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Integrates with thousands of 3rd party apps

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Frequently asked questions

Global’s CRM  is the only adaptive marketing automation platform.

We offer you the ability to choose the features that you need and change them as you grow.

With Global’s CRM, you get:

  • Unlimited contact
  • Unlimited automation workflows
  • Unlimited social media profiles
  • Unlimited landing pages 
  • Unlimited dashboards and reports   

We believe that this model speaks to companies from their early stage to their growth phase. Our plan is to give you a platform that adapts to your growth and budget. You can also choose between monthly and yearly billing.

YES. We offer a 14-day risk free trial with no contract, no credit card required where you have a full access to the entire functionalities of the platform for a period of two weeks. You can upload or download any information and your data will be handled. If you don’t provide your credit card information at the end of your trial period, your data will be immediately removed.

No. We do not require you to sign a contract to use Global’s CRM for any length of time.

If your company requires a contract, we can provide one, or sign your agreement, but we do not require one.

YES. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Your credit card will not be charged beyond that month. However, if your fee is based on an annual billing subscription, then you need to change your billing settings with one of our success managers.

Annual billing offers reduced subscription fees by requiring commitment to pay fees on a monthly basis for a full year.

You can break this agreement at any time, but you will be charged according to the regular monthly billed fees for all previous months of the agreement.

YES. You can, at any point in time, upgrade or downgrade your features to suit your needs.

YES. Our platform was built from the ground up entirely by our team of marketing-savvy experts and developers. We can customize our platform to integrate and function with any requirement. To better understand your needs and to answer any questions, book a meeting with one of our success managers.

YES. We can definitely accommodate high-volume sending clients. Talk to one of our success managers to learn more about our volume pricing.

YES. Talk to one of our success managers to learn more about our Enterprise rates.

YES.  We have a Partners Program that includes special high-volume rates and lucrative commissions as well as training, tools and full support to agencies, consultants, implementation partners and affiliates.

We consider that support is key to your success. That’s why we don’t limit our technical support with a defined number of hours. As long as it’s reasonable and productive, we will keep on extending our technical help until you are fully capable of doing what you intended to do. We also offer training and one-on-one support at a very reasonable cost if you wish to reduce your learning efforts to the minimum.

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