Lead Management

Generate more leads

No need to hire a developer or a designer to create and embed forms on your page. Use Global’s CRM easy-to-use drag & drop form builder to design lead capture forms for landing pages and website popups.

Manage your leads with no limits

Import unlimited contacts, segment them into different audiences through smart filters, and manage all your lists from one place. You can also synchronize your leads with your existing CRM platforms using Global’s CRM native connectors and integration tools.

Know your leads inside out

Use Global’s CRM built-in lead tracker to profile all your prospects activities starting from their first website visit to their last engagement with your marketing channels. Get great insights from integrated Lead Intelligence tools such as IP Locator, in depth analytics and tracking tools.

Focus on your most valuable leads

Use Global’s CRM Lead Scoring to focus on your hottest leads first, be more effective and get better results. Set up your own parameters and labels to categorize your leads based on their progress through your funnel and likelihood to convert.

Schedule meetings faster

Use Global’s CRM meeting scheduler to schedule your appointments faster without all the back-and-forth emails. Share a link that gives contacts the power to choose a time that works for everyone. This works with Google Calendar and is fully integrated with your marketing account.

Lead management features

Frequently asked questions

You can add unlimited contacts in your database.

When sending email campaigns, Global’s CRM will send the email once to the same contact. When importing a new list, Global’s CRM will automatically detect duplicate contacts and import the same user one time only.

Gone are the days of “one size fits all”. You can choose to create an audience from any list where you specify the conditions that you want in order to avoid sending the campaign to all your contacts within that list.

Yes. You can choose to notify yourself or anyone of your team to receive email notifications every time a new form has been submitted.

Lead scoring is a process that allows marketers to set up their own parameters and labels to categorize leads based on their progress through the funnel and likelihood to convert.

Global’s CRM will use your customized grading to automatically score leads for your sales team. Scores can be given for email clicks, social media activity, user metrics, popups triggered and much more.

Yes. You can leverage contact tags to classify your leads and contacts into different dynamic segments or audiences. This allows you to better organize and compact your list management as well as minimize the amount of fields required at the contact level. For further information on how to create segments based on tags as well as use them in automations, this page is helpful.

Yes. Global’s CRM offers a native Zoom integration where account owners can sync with Global’s CRM, webinar registrants along with their attendance activities and help turn event data into marketing data. To find out how to integrate Zoom with Global’s CRM, check out this page.

Yes. Global’s CRM has a native GotoWebinar integration to capture the leads who register to attend your GotoWebinar meeting. To discover how to connect GoToWebinar with Global’s CRM, check out this page.

Integrates with thousands of 3rd party apps

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